On September 7th of 2014, during a moment in prayer and for the second times in my life; I experienced a very deep spiritual moment in which an incredible light that completely blinded my eyes. For about 10 seconds, I literally left this world. I was conscious but I could not control the event until I was momentarily brought back. Shortly thereafter, I recalled experiencing an incredible feeling of love following by a feeling of fear. I woke up my wife to tell her what happened and I remembered telling her: My life will never be the same; I saw the glory of God. From that experience everything about me for the last 39 years of existence on earth was revealed and explained. And more importantly, I was able to explain a number that I have been keeping with me with for two decades: The number 53. To know that God planned my life the way he did it, my personal life has been changed. Today, I am living a fearless life knowing I am deeply loved by God.

Louis Armand is married and has three children. Louis Armand lives in Montreal, Canada and is originally from Haiti. He is a civil engineer and holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Finance at the University of Montreal. He is a Christian and believes that God, through the Holy Spirit, directs his conscience. He also believes that all wisdom and intelligence come from God and him alone.

Louis Armand is the founder and servant leader of Testimony and Testimony edition. Both organizations have an unique mission to testify the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in the world and to all nations.

Louis Armand describes himself as a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, a husband, a father, a friend and an author.

Passionate about writing, Louis Armand has several manuscripts to be published.

Louis Armand has a career in the mortgage and financing industry in Canada.

” The fact is that I do not follow religion. I do not even think of myself as just a Christian. In fact, my goal is to mirror Jesus Christ character into my life: A character of Love, Peace and Power. And that's the goal of the Christianity”...Louis Armand Paulin

“Your life is either driven by your weakness or your strength. If your weakness is your deciding factor, you will fail in everything you try to build. You must identify your strength and build your life on it” …Louis Armand Paulin

" God is in our lives to show his glory. We are here to testify his glory. What i really love about testimonies is that no one is greater than anyone else because the real hero is God himself "...Louis Armand Paulin